Litigation Support

Over 20 years of litigation support experience, including:
  • Expert witness Testimony in court on numerous occasions during the past twenty years,
  • Lost profits calculations,
  • Assistance with discovery and verification of facts, and
  • Business valuations including:
    • Estate & gift tax valuations, emphasizing minority and marketability discounts,
    • Divorce valuations, emphasizing key Colorado court decisions,
    • Purchase & sales valuations,
    • Dissenting shareholder actions,
  • Personal injury and wrongful death valuations,
  • Professional malpractice representation,
  • Financial projections incident to divorce to:
    • Determine after-tax cash available to each party,
    • Determine future net worth of each party, and
    • Determine future earnings capability,
    • Structuring divorce settlements to maximize tax benefits for both parties,